March 23, 2022


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Worshiping Jesus in Urdo, the language in Pakistan.

Harvester has partnered with Transform, Rise, Multiply under the leadership of Danny McGill to share the love of Jesus with the refugees that are arriving in Athens Greece as they flee the persecution of mid east countries. The situation in the streets of Athens changes quickly. In September of 2021 there were hundreds of people living in the streets trying to get their immigration status figured out while avoiding the refugee camps that were being built. In early 2022 the streets were much quieter, and it seemed that the refugee camps would become our evangelistic focus. Now in early 2023 many of the camps are being closed and fewer people are able to get through the border in to Greece.

A few things are happening. First, a young refugee couple has decided to stay in Athens. Mehdi and Sarah are going to establish their citizenship in Greece and continue the work with refugees – Harvester has agreed to partner with them in this ministry. Second, the flow of migrants from the Mid-East has opened up new channels to take the message of Christ back into these countries. Many are hearing the message through friends and family that are sending the Good News back to their home countries. As a result Harvester is resourcing three Merold Institute students as they prepare to translate and teach the Bible in these cultures and languages.

There are many stories and situations that cannot be posted. If you are interested in hearing and praying over specific people and their stories please reach out to Kevin Hamilton at

Also a Harvester team will travel to Athens in April to see and support this work first hand. Let Kevin know if you have interest in traveling with us.

Danny McGill